There is a distinguished philosophy that lies behind the success of GUARDA Marbles & Stones Srl: appreciating the real value of the stone, made of prestige and naturalness, in order to maintain a close connection with nature, modernity and elegance.

Our company relies on advanced techniques, which allow the execution of cuts and designs adopted by some of the most skilled craftsmen and architects of all times. These are at the disposal of our professionals and for the most demanding customers.

Within the company, there is a showroom through which the firm displays its ability to create a unique ambience with a combination of the prestigious processing techniques. A section of the showroom is dedicated to customized environments, while the other section is dedicated to our Collections line, where backlit panels and column sinks reign supreme.

Another high quality collection is represented by Marmoteca, a genuine collection of marble, stone, onyx, alabaster, mother of pearl, semi-precious stones procured from different parts of the world, created as a result of the experience of Umberto and Laura Guarda: more than 500 materials, catalogued and framed as absolute works of art.

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